June 30, 2023

Reviewing the Toket Zapier Integration

Reviewing the Toket Zapier Integration

👋 Introduction

Introducing the Toket integration with Zapier, a platform that unlocks a multitude of opportunities for crafting your personalized automations. With its seamless integration with Zapier, you can effortlessly link Toket to over 5,000 other applications such as Discord, Twitter, or Eventbrite, without requiring any programming or technical expertise. This revolutionizes the creation of NFTs, making it incredibly simple and accessible for everyone.

In this blog post, we'll show you just how to integrate Toket with Zapier to create your NFT-based applications in no time. Let's start!

💡Some Ideas for your NFTs!

As you ponder the title of this blog, I'm certain your mind has already conjured up various use cases. However, let us provide you with some additional ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Offer NFTs as a welcome gift to every new member of your Discord community.
  • Airdrop NFTs to individuals who respond to your Tweet by sharing their wallet address.
  • Delight participants by gifting them an NFT upon registering for your event at Eventbrite.
  • Send NFTs directly to a list of emails to recognize collaborators in your company, loyal customer, and partners.
  • Thrill your customers with an innovative loyalty program based on NFTs.
  • [Your idea here] - This space is reserved for the exciting idea that is currently brewing in your mind! ;)

Don't worry, by the end of this post, you'll find some inspiring video demos featuring multiple integrations.

⏩ What do you need to start?

You don't require many things to begin using this tool. All you need is:

  • A Toket account (If you don't have one, you can create one here)
  • A Zapier account

🖥️ Step 1 - Toket Dashboard

Get into Toket Developer Dashboard and turn off your dashboard from "Test Mode":

Toket Dashboard
Toket Dashboard - Test Mode: Disabled

You will see there your Public Key and API Key which will be used later.

🧩 Step 2 - Create a new Zap

Create a new Zap at Zapier. (If it is the first Zap you create, here you have more info)

If you feel stuck creating your Zap, feel free to contact us. Remember, we're always just a message away, ready to assist!

⚡ Step 3 - Configure a Trigger

This is the exciting moment where you can select from a vast array of over 5000 apps. Each app comes with its unique trigger, so simply follow their instructions. If you wish to explore a specific trigger in detail, you can easily do so using the search bar on this webpage.

Here some examples to ignite your ideas:

Example 1

Connect a simple CSV file with a list of wallets, the URL of the image, and a simple description.

Example 2

Use a Google Form to easily complete all the data related to the specific collection.

Example 3

Connect Slack to reward collaborators that perform a specific task.

👉 Step 4 - Include Toket Action in the Zap

Here you have 3 different options:

1. Create Easy Mint NFT

To effortlessly mint an NFT, simply provide the desired name, image, description, and the address where you want the NFT to be minted. The minting process will be executed through a default smart contract owned by Toket.

If you want to add some attributes to the metadata of the NFT, you can also do it.

2. Create NFT Collection

Should you prefer not to utilize the default smart contract owned by Toket, you have the option to create your own. This allows you to customize the smart contract name, description, symbol, and owner wallet. This feature proves beneficial if you desire to personalize parameters such as maximum supply or royalty-related aspects, including the percentage of royalties and the designated wallet to receive them.

3. Mint NFT from Collection

After creating your personalized NFT Collection, employ this trigger to mint an NFT using it. The trigger parameters encompass the address where the NFTs should be minted, the image representing the NFT, its name, description, and the ability to include additional attributes if desired.

🧪 Step 5 - Testing

Test your Zap to verify that every connection is functioning properly. Zapier will provide you with instructions throughout the process to assist you in completing this step successfully.

🚀 Step 6 - Turn it on! 

Unleash the full potential of automation by turning on the Zap.

🎉 Congratulations

By following the previously mentioned steps, you now possess a fully operational automation that has transformed your idea from imagination into reality. What's more, you accomplished this in under 15 minutes, all without any knowledge of coding. Undoubtedly, this is a game changer.

🍿 Video Demos: NFT applications examples

Take a look at these fantastic video demos. Use it as inspiration or as a help to configure your zaps. The sky is the limit.

1. Toket integration with Zapier + Gmail

An example to mint NFTs directly from your email using Toket + Gmail.

2. Toket integration with Zapier + Google Forms

An example to mint a collection of NFTs using Google Forms.

3. NFT Checkout using Toket + Zapier + Stripe

An example to create an NFT checkout using Stripe as a payment provider.

4. Toket integration with Zapier + Slack

An example of minting NFTs, depending on specific Slack reactions.

🌎 Want to explore more about the ideas we shared?

Check more about these integrations here:

✊🏻About Toket

We enable teams with no blockchain experience to create NFT-based applications with our user-friendly APIs and no-code tools.

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